Assessment With or Without Levels

Astario's Assessment Module is highly flexible and built to improve the Teacher's experience of assessing Learners.

Astario provides a fully customisable Assessment Module that enables Schools to have complete flexibility and control over the assessment criteria. The Assessment Module comes equipped with the National Curriculum assessment templates and it allows Teachers to link learning objectives to individual class records and to terms.

Fully integrated with all other Astario Modules


Assess learners based on Learning Objectives


Extensive reporting functionality with Reports and Dashboards


Improve assessments and visibility

Teachers are able to theLearning Objectives for the entire School Year. Combine the National Curriculum with individual targets.
Throughout the School Year, Teachers are able to link individual Learning Objectives to Classes. Furthermore, Teachers are able to assess Learners based on the Learning Objectives
With its integration capability, Astario offers extensive reporting functionality. Users are able to use pre-built Reports and Dashboards or create custom versions.

Key Features

The Assessment Module is part of a set of Modules available in the Astario MIS. It provides full support, from Learner registration and enrolment up to End of Year Report.
Seamless integration between the Assessment Module and all the other Astario Modules.
Mobile Compatibility
Teachers are able to use the Astario Mobile App or even a mobile browser to make use of the Attendance Module.
With or Without Levels
Extremely customisable assessment template. Schools may choose to use the National Curriculum or even their own assessment structure.
Performance Review
Combined with Astario's Reporting Module, Teachers are able to generate extremely useful Reports and Dashboards.

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