Generate Attendance, Print Register and Generate Follow-Up Tasks

Astario's Attendance Module allows Teachers to generate attendance data in seconds and automatically notifies the appropriate members.
Generate AM/PM Attendance Register
Astario's Attendance Module will help Teachers record AM/PM attendance, for individuals, classes and year groups. Exceptions reports can be built and communication SMS text can be sent to guardians. Upon investigating absentees, staff members are able to update records.
Generate Notifications & Template Prints
Astario will make it easier and simpler for staff members to communicate, by generating notifications regarding the unauthorised absentees. School Staff will be notified of all the absentees, and they can bulk print letters from customisable templates.

How It Works

With each individual Class, Teachers are able to generate the attendance. Astario also provides a snapshot of previous registers and a comprehensive reporting functionality using the Dynamic Report Builder.
  • Mobile App (iOS & Android)
  • View Historical Attendance
  • Add Comments
  • Generate Follow-Up Task
  • Update records
AM/PM Register

Users can easily generate AM/PM attendance, record absentees and add notes.


Astario will automatically generate tasks relating to the absentees.

Letter Templates

Admin staff are able to bulk print letters based on templates.

Audit Trail

Any updates or changes are recorded and kept on the Audit Trail.


Attendance details are automatically summarised and can be reported in detail.

Mobile App

Users can record attendance using the iOS or Android apps.

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Astario's Attendance Module will improve visibility, generate notifications and dynamically link to all other Astario Modules
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