Planning Module

Teachers are able to plan lessons, define learning objectives, define strategies and receive approval from Head Teachers. Furthermore, the overall visibility will improve reporting and will save Teachers hours on planning and assessing learners.
School & Subject Planning
Take lesson planning to the next level by using Astario'sPlanning Module. Teachers are able to generate Teaching Plans for each Subject, which will integrate with the Assessment Module.
Learning Objectives
Objectives can be defined and scheduled appropriately for each Term. Approval Processes are also available and it also seamlessly integrates with the Assessment Module.

How It Works

The Planning Module comes packed with a set of features that will improve collaboration, lesson planning and assessing learners. The Planning Module provides a customisable process and approval flow that can be tailored to any needs.
  • Generate School Plan
  • Generate Individual Subject Plans
  • Learning Objective Term Planning
  • Subject Plan Approval Process
  • Link Lessons to Learning Objectives
  • Assessment Module Integration
School Plan

Easily generate the School Plan for the specific school year. Teachers will be able to use the plan as a quick reference and plan lessons.

Subject Plan

Subject leads will be able to propose a subject-specific plan, list objectives and proposed coverage of those objectives. Formal approval request can be driven from the system.

Learning Objective

Individual Learning Objectives can be recorded to specific Subject Plan records, which can be in line with the national curriculum.

Approval Process

It provides a formal and official approval in regards to Subject and Learning Objective planning. The Planning Modules come equipped with a complex functionality that can be tailored to each individual organisation.

Link Lessons to Learning Objectives

Teachers will be able to link individual LEarning Objectives to actual Classes. This will improve the transparency when it comes to class planning. Teachers can plan classes and improve overcall teaching visibility.

Assessment Module Integration

The integration between the two Modules supports a seamless and friendly Assessment experience for the Teachers, as they will be able to assess Learners based on the Objectives covered in the Subject.

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Astario's Planning Module provides the structure, visibility and flexibility that Schools need to improve planning, assessment and reporting.
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