Communication Module

Send SMS texts, emails and automatic alerts and reminders to Parents, Guardians and Learners directly from the Astario system.
Astario's Communication Module comes with built in functionality to send SMS text to individual or group of contacts.
Internal Chat
Astario provides a comprehensive Internal Communication functionality, such as Chat and pop-ups.
Send emails directly from the system and directly linked with the relevant Learner, Teacher or Class.
Event Driven
This is a time saving functionality, as it will notify the relevant staff when certain events happen.
Astario is all about making it simple. With our Outlook&Gmail users can sync and relate emails to record in Astario.
Log Calls
Log calls directly in Astario and keep a record of communication relating Learners, Teachers or any other Astario record.

Communication Module Overview

Built in Group SMS messaging, email and integrations that provide a powerful tool for communication with parents, pupils and staff.
  • Send SMS
  • Send Email
  • Event Driven Communication
  • Internal/External Communication
  • Sync emails with Outlook & Gmail
  • Log Calls
  • Internal Chat

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The Communication Module comes with extensive features that will save time and improve productivity.
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