Document Management Module

Astario supports the storage, retrieval, classification and archiving of documents.
Flexibility & Scalability
Users are able to share and collaborate on files, store files privately, manage version updates, and follow files that are important to them. All file types are supported, including everything from Microsoft®, to Adobe® PDFs. Image, audio and video files are also supported.
Safe & Secure
Files can be set to private, privately shared, or visible to all users. For another layer of data protection, files can be encrypted at rest as well as in transit when uploaded. Furthermore, to provide more security, Schools are able to control the way some file types are handled.

Document Management Features

Use the many features of the Document Management Module, such as previewing files, viewing file details, uploading new versions, and manage access to files. Furthermore, users can receive email notifications when files are shared with them or modified.

Available on any Device

Whether you’re working on the go or in the office, you can use a mobile device to get to your files. Astario gives you access to your files from your mobile phone or tablet. With options to view and download, you can have a seamless experience while you work from the office or from the road.
  • Preview Documents
  • Download Documents
  • Notifications
  • Access Private Documents
Membership & Permissions

You can add multiple members and set member permissions, such as Admin, Viewer, or Collaborator.

Document Search

The document search results are now sortable with more fields to help you find the files you’re looking for faster.

Performance & Security

The new file previewer runs on HTML5 instead of Flash, improving security and provide higher quality renditions and better performance.


Users are able to follow or subscribe to files and receive notifications when other users download or upload new versions.

Version Control

Uploading a new version replaces all previous versions, but previous versions are still available by clicking Show all versions on the file detail page.

Deliver Files

Certain users are able to generate private links that they can share with external collaborators. A full audit Trail is kept on every document.

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The Document Management Module is feature packed and provides the necessary integrations to improve productivity.
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