Learner Module

The Learner Module is at the core of Astario. The Astario MIS will be used as a hub of Learner information that will be easily accessible by the Teachers and Admin staff.
School Admission
Astario supports a seamless import functionality for new admission data, with the aim to provide no destruction and a seamless process of recording new learner information.
Flexible data entry
For institutions that have their own admissions processes, Astario is capable of importing the appropriate admissions application and keeping records of appeals by parents.

Overview of the Learner Module

View your entire School data in one place. By using the MIS Learner Module, you will be able to record extensive information beyond standard Learner details. View Risk Assessments, Behaviour, Classes and Correspondence.

Adoption and Support

Migrating from your legacy system on to Astario is a very simple procedure. During the implementation the Astario team will work with your in-house IT staff and will offer support at every step.
  • Data Migration
  • Mass Data Uploads
  • Document Uploads
  • Training
  • User Guide
Learner Profile

Record and view learner information, timetable and assessment progress. Related information, such as their contacts, medical conditions, risk assessments, accidents, etc.

Staff Profile

Record staff details, accreditations and other information, to better manage, support and enhance the staff's performance in Schools.


Easily record AM and PM attendance. Further, Astario supports attendance register for every single class. View attendance details on a summary level or for each individual class and learner.


Astario can be customised to generate Tasks and Events assigned to appropriate staff members when specific situations arise. i.e. Learner is absent 3 days in a row.

Subjects, Courses and Classes

View each Learner's Subjects, Courses and Classes. Astario provides an easily accessible interface that presents information in a clear and easy to read.

Group Communication

Send emails or SMS notifications to groups of contacts. Let parents and guardians know that School if off today or just send a reminder to the members of the Drama Club.

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