Risk Assessment Module

Generate and approve Risk Assessment with a click of a button. Template based generated records, relating to individuals and groups.

Risk Assessment Templates

Astario provides a selection of pre-defined Risk Assessment Templates. Furthermore, individual Schools can customise the templates based on specific and personalised requirements. Users can submit and approve from any device.

Risk Assessment Approvals

The approval process is used to approve Risk Assessments by the designated staff members. The approval process is build on a matrix criteria and it may include rejection, recalled and even different level of approval based on criteria.

Risk Assessment Approval Overview

Astario's approval process is extremely customizable and flexible. Simple rules can be put in place that will define the path of the Approval Request. Users will be able to self-approve certain records or for other situations, the Head Deputy or even the Head Teacher will be notified to approve.
Create Risk Assessment
Users can create Risk Assessments with a few clicks using pre-defined and pre-populated templates.
Send for Approval
When completed, the user can submit the Risk Assesment for Approval.
Approve Risk Assessment
Designated users will be prompted with the approval request.

Hazards, Controls & Actions

When creating a Risk Assessment, users are able to record a range of hazards and the implications that they may have. Furthermore, controls and actions can be recorded on the Risk Assessment, before sending it for approval.
  • Template Driven
  • Different Approval Processes
  • Automatic Risk Assessments¬†
  • Risk Assessments related to Groups
Audit Trail

The Risk Assessment Module gives you visibility and control over the creation, submission and approval of Risk Assessments.

Event Driven

Based on specific data inputs, the system can automatically generate a Risk Assessment record to be completed.


The Risk Assessment Module integrates with the other Modules, such as the Learner and the Document Management Module.

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The Risk Assessment Module comes with extensive features that will save a considerable amount of time and improve productivity.
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