Astario comes with an extremely powerful reporting functionality. Along with an array for pre-built reports and dashboards, Astario provides a dynamic, cloud based, report and dashboard builder.
The Communication Module within Astario provides the capability to send SMS texts to individual contacts and even a group of contacts. Furthermore, email and custom notifications are also available.
Astario comes with end-to-end encryption. Sensitive data and documents are securely stored and instantly backed-up. Moreover, Astario provides system access features, such as SSO and IP Ranges.
User Interface

Mobile Compatible

Astario is built and accessible from any device you use.It comes with an easy to follow interface that is cutomizable for your own use. There is no need for extensive training, as the system will look and feel the same across all devices and operating systems.
Learner Reporting
User Interface

Dashboards on Mobile

Now you can access your School's reports and dashboards from your iPad! Astario keeps you in touch with your School's data, performance, and trends, whether you’re in the office or on the road.
Security Risk Assessment
User Interface

Work Offline

Your productivity doesn't have to stop when there's no connectivity. Users can keep working in case the internet connection is not at its best in the building or during their commute with the subway. Offline access is available for Android and iOS.
Planning File Management

Beautiful Interface

Astario doesn't just provide a great new user experience. It’s also packed with new features to help Schools be more productive and make better decisions. We've build an application for Schools that drives new levels of efficiency, versus just a database for tracking information.
  • Quick Setup

    With Astario you can have a MIS in no time. We will help with the transition.

  • Looks Perfect

    Teachers and other users will find Astario intuitive, simple and easy to use.

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